The Notebook and other Motivators….

Well, the Frank’s Red Hot BBQ chicken was GREAT last night.  A little spicy, but even the kiddos liked it.  I do plan to try out the crockpot with this one, so I will share how that goes.  After a great dinner, I headed for the basement to workout.  I have been quickly moving through our movie collection so I have something to keep my entertained while I run.  This week’s pick is “The Notebook”.  Last night I had a great workout and I have Noah and Allie to thank. :)  I tend to be a romcom or romance movie type of person and this is one of the best.  I do find that I tend to keep running longer if I want to see a certain part of a movie or if I just want to finish one.  My problem now is that my movie supply is almost gone!  I do like listening to music while I run as well, but I just find a TV show or movie helps make the time go by so much faster.  Here’s to hoping I can dig up some movies to get me through the week.  I wish books weren’t so hard to read while running, I wonder if I would like listening to a book…Hhmmm, that may be worth a try.

What motivates you to keep going when working out?  Music, movies, people watching?

4 thoughts on “The Notebook and other Motivators….

  1. Good question. Right now I am just trying to get back into the workout habit. We have no ‘machine’ for working out, so I have fun animation people to workout with and preset music ;-) What motivates me is that summer is coming, this Alaska winter will end, and I will need to be able to keep up on hikes again. So I guess…my pride? ;-)

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    • Oh, Alaska. I guess I shouldn’t complain being in Indiana then! Summer is a great motivator, the thought of a swim suit is pretty scary right now :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just me–I agree watching something definitely makes walking (for me) go faster. You can borrow some of our How I met your Mother DVD’s?! Rent other TV show’s from library. Sometimes I look up stuff on youtube too.

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