Oils Anyone? Starting my doTerra Journey…

Over the last year I have heard regularly about doTerra Essential Oils.  I never really paid much attention to them, just listened politely and walked away.  Really, who believes that oils can get rid of a cold or help calm a child.  Who would think natural oils could clean your house while improving your mood?  Not me, that is for sure!

Fast forward to January.  I decided to give in to a friend a join her 90 day Clean Eating Challenge.  This is something that I have been avoiding even longer than oils!  Clean eating has opened me up to a whole new world of health – ALL NATURAL!  Now, I am not saying that I am eating clean all the time or even that I was the best in the challenge – I wasn’t.  This is a learning process for my brain and my body.  Retraining a 35 year old body and brain can be quite a process.  What I am doing is reading labels, making better choices, and using essential oils.

When it comes to reading, as you have seen in my previous posts, I LOVE fiction.  When I try reading non-fiction, well, I just can’t read.  That is not the case when is comes to oils.  I am so facinated by the possibilities that lie within these gifts from nature.  While I am the furthest thing from an expert on oils, I do know that I want to be come one.  Having children that have to take prescription drugs on a daily basis really concerns me.  Everyday I wonder what these chemicals are doing to thier little bodies.  While I am not looking to oils to cure thier seizure disorders, I am looking to them rather than Tylenol or Advil or any other over the counter medciation.  I am looking to the oils to prevent my kids from getting a cold or the flu.  I am looking to the oils for mood enhancement for myself and help with keeping the weight I lost from clean eating off for good.  The possibilities are really endless.

As I continue on this journey in this new world of oils I plan to post as much as I can.  Suggestions, ideas, promotions, whatever I can think of.  If you are interested in learning more about oils, please post a comment and I will get back to you.  This is an opportunity with doTerra that I am excited to share!

The Resilient Child…Part 2

So, I took quite a long hiatus from blogging this year.  A lot has happened with my family and work life since my last post in January and honestly, I haven’t had time to think let alone write!

One of my last posts was about my son and his epilepsy.  Well, after his seizure in January, we got him back on meds and things seemed okay.  A few weeks later, we noticed he was having small episodes where he would stare off or drop his head and make a little grunting noise.  Of course he did not do this for the pediatrician, so we were told to monitor him and get with our neurologist if they seemed to continue.  Well, they did.  He began having these multiple times a day and would fall if he was standing when they happened.  We visited the neurologist and it was determined that he was having “petit mal’ seizures and staring seizures.  We added a new medication  (that of course tasted horrible) and they seemed to taper off a bit.

Early on the morning of Easter, our son woke up screaming and not feeling well. I decided to sleep on the couch with him in case he got sick.  About 15 minutes later he went into a grand mal seizure.  This seizure lasted 15 minutes which is not good and the longest one he has ever had.  With any seizure over 5 minutes there is a chance that brain damage can occur.  We of course called 911 and got him to the hospital.  While we were in the ER he was completely out of it due to the length of the seizure.  They gave him a higher does of medicine and sent us home after about 4 hours.  The poor little guy was so out of it from the seizures that he barely wanted to look for Easter eggs.  He found a few and we decided to all take a nap.  I put him to bed and laid on the couch so I would be close enough to hear him if he needed anything.  A few minutes later, I heard a thump.  I ran into his bedroom and found him face down on the floor having yet another seizure.  He came out of this one sooner, but we still decided to take him back to the ER.  Once we were admitted back to the ER, he went on to have 2-3 more seizures.  They had to give him a large does of anti-seizure medication to get the seizures to stop.  This knocked him out pretty good, but seemed to stop the seizures.  Since our neurologist was out of town, we made the decision to move to another hospital in town that had a pediatric neurologist on staff.  We were admitted right away.

Once we were in the room, he had a couple more seizures so they continued to give him more meds intraveneously.  My poor baby was so out of it, Easter of 2013 will never exist in his little memory.  It will, however, remain one of the scariest days of my life.  They next day he continued to have small seizures, mostily petit mal.  We ended up staying in the peds unit for 7 days because they could not get the small seizures under control.  They did not want to send him home for fear he would hurt himself if he had one while walking, running, or just being a 4 year old little boy.   After the 7th day, with the advice of the doctors, we decided to be transferred to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.  While he had slowly made it almost back to our energetic little boy, his eyes still showed signs of exhaustion caused by having multiple seizures throughout the day.  We needed to know what was causing this to happen after he had done so well on medication before.

At Riley, a 48 hour EEG was done to see if they could determine the cause or type of seizures he was having.   We stayed 2 days at Riley and they ended up adding one medication to his daily routine.  We were up to 3 meds, 2 times a day.  They sent us home even though he was continueing to having the small seizures, although they had tappered off a bit.  That was the scariest 3 hour drive ever.  I could hear him having the seizures as we drove home.  I hated that even as he slept these episodes disrupted his little life.  We got home and tried to get back to whatever “normal” was 10 days prior.

While we were at the hospital, our 7 year old daughter was thrown into this tornado of not know what was happening, not having her parents home, and having a not so great spring break.  She was such a trooper though.  I tear up even now just thinking about the effect this had on her as well.  She too has epilepsy, but we have been so lucky that the meds have kept her seizure free for the last 6 years.  Seeing her brother go through this is definitely a scary thing especially when she knows something similar could happen to her.   She is an awesome girl and much stronger than I ever was at her age.

As we settled in with the new meds, the small seizures did continue to tapper off, but he was still having 3-5 a day (maybe more but I couldn’t count while I was sleeping:)).  We scheduled a spinal tap to see if any of this was due to how he processes sugars.  The test came back clear, but the doctor at Riley noticed that one of his acids was on the low end of normal.  Wanting to try anything he could, he prescribed a vitamin that would be taken 2 times a day.  We did this for a few weeks, but didn’t notice much difference.  While we were doing this, the doctor was also trying to wean him off one medication that didn’t seem to be helping much.  Well, one morning, about 3 days after we reduced the dose we found out it WAS doing something.  Our son woke up at about 6:45am and came in the bathroom while I was getting ready for work.  For the next 45 minutes he had at least 40 small seizures.  They were coming 3 at a time.  I quickly called the on-call doctor at Riley and they had me increase that medication back up to the previous dose.  The seizures subsided at that point.  They also had us start giving him the vitamin 3 times a day so the level of the medication would remain more consistant through his day.  This has seemed to keep the small seizures from happening.  As of today, we are almost 6 months  seizure free!

I can’t believe it has been that long, as I can vividly remember that Easter day.  I pray everyday that he continues to be seizure free and that at somepoint we can find the cause of them.  We are in the process of weaning one of the medications, but this time we are doing it very slowly.  He remembers being in the hospital and not liking it, but luckily he doesn’t remember all of the bad things that he went through.  It is a challenge at times to get him to take his 4 medications, but we just remind him that they are keeping him healthy and out of the hospital.  As he continues to grow, I know we will continue to tweak his meds and doses.  I have faith in god that he will be okay and that we will be able to control his seizures.  That being said, I still get a knot in my stomach if I hear a weird sound from his room at night or if he is being really quite for too long.  As a parent, I don’t think we ever get over seeing our kids go through something like this.  Resiliency is something that our kids are masters of!  I love that he is able to play and not worry about having a seizure.  I guess that is what parents are for.  :)   As frustrated as I get with his 5 year old antics, I would take that anyday compared to what the alternative is.

I am a sucker for a good romance novel…

To lighten the mood a little after my post last night, and to prove I have read more than one book in my life (based on my “Books to Check Out” section you may think otherwise) I want to discuss books I have read and ones I am planning to read.  No, the Fifty Shades trilogy is NOT the only thing I have read recently!  I have actually read a few Christian based books that I loved.  Sheila Walsh is definitely one of my favorites. I have read Angel Song and Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila.  Both books sucked me in and had me reading much later into the night than I should have.  I had the oppotunity to see Sheila live at a Women of Faith event, and she is so AMAZING to listen to.  I think that helped suck me in as well.  I also recently read Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart, another page turner that I got lost in.  Obviously, romance novels with a little fun and faith tend to be my favorites.  I have not been interested in the vampire or sci-fi type books that have been popular, just not my thing.  On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I have read 2 of the 3 Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.  Yes, this trilogy is a bit racy, but the story line is great!  It reminds me a lot of the Fifty Shades trilogy, but is definitely different.  The 3rd book comes out in May and I really can’t wait.  I bought the first book this past summer while on our family vacation at the lake.  I read it in 2 days and then found out it was part of a trilogy!  I then had to wait until October to read the 2nd book.  It was definitely worth it.  Now, until May I have room to take on another book.

I am currently reading through Proverbs with my church.  We are supposed to read one everyday and I have to admit that I am a few days behind.  I will catch up and finish by the end of the month!  That is my goal.  After that, I believe my next read will be the “Inn Boonsboro Trilogy” by Nora Roberts.  Yes, more mush for me!  I bought the last book in the trilogy thinking it was just an independent book, but then found out from my mother in law that it was part of this trilogy.  Luckily, she had the first 2 books so I am set.  Now, just to find the time to read between work, kids, hubby, church, PTO…..

Some other books I plan to read:

I will Carry You – Angie Smith

Tim Tebow Biography (I read the Drew Brees biography and loved it!  Great Christian background and he graduated from Purdue like I did!)

Song of the Brokenhearted – Sheila Walsh

Entwined with You – Sylvia Day

What are you reading?  Any good books or authors to suggest?  Any books on CD that you really enjoyed?  <<<<< Looking for something else to keep me interested while on the treadmill!

The Resilient Child

So it has been a few days longer than I planned for my next post, but I have been trying to decide how to write this one.  All I came up with was…JUST WRITE!

Last Wednesday morning around 5:20am I heard our 4 year old son get up to go to the bathroom.  I then heard what I thought was him getting sick, my first thought, NOT THE STOMACH FLU!!  What I found when I walked into the bathroom was our little boy having a seizure.

Back up about 2.5 years ago, I was on my way to pick up our daughter after work.  I answered a call from husband telling me that he was on the way to the hospital with our then 2 year old because he had just had a seizure while at my in laws house.  Unfortunately, we had already been through this with our daughter who also had her first seizure at age 2.  So, when my mother-in-law saw “J”, she knew what was happening.  After getting “J” checked out in the ER, we talked with our daughters neurologist and decided to “wait and see”.  This could have been a one time thing and putting a child on medication isn’t something any parent wants to do.  We waited and a month later, while driving through a blizzard, I looked back and he was seizing in his carseat.  My daughter was in the car with us and was amazing.  She was only 5 at the time, but was so brave.  I somehow managed to pull into an empty parking lot and called 911.  It seemed like an eternity before an ambulance got there, but they did and we were on our way to the hospital again.  The conversation with the neurologist was much different this time.  We put “J” on the same medication “A” is on and we decided that we had to remember how lucky we were to find a medication worked on the first try.

Fast forward to this past fall when the kids had thier annual EEG’s.  Our son’s test came back clear, and the “general rule” is that 2 clear EEG’s mean you can take the meds away.  To be sure, our neurologist suggested a 24 hour EEG to get a better idea of what was going on.  That test came back “within limits”, so we made the decision to take him off the meds.  For two or three months, we were great!  Then came last Wednesday.  I have to say that getting used to seeing my child have  a seizure will never happen.   Seeing them lying there and knowing that there is nothing you can do is totally miserable.  Luckily, this seizure did not last more than 3 minutes and “J” was talking and crying by the time we got in the ambulance.  We are now in the midst of working him back up to a full dose of his medicine.  We are so blessed to have found a medicine that works so well with both of our kids AND they don’t mind taking it.  We will go forward as a family with 2 kids living with a seizure disorder.  Our hope is that they both grown out of this (which is possible), but know that it is a 50/50 chance.  I have to remind myself how quickly the kids bounce back after a seizure.  Within an hour or two of coming out of it, they are laughing and joking and wanting a snack.  They may be a little grumpy and tired throughout the day, but overall they are back to being themselves.  The definition of Resilience.  Mom on the other hand, well, I am still recovering.  I freak out at the slighest unusual noise that comes from him.  I hate when he lays there and doesn’t respond to me.  As my daughter put it – I. FREAK. OUT.  While I don’t like my kids thinking of thier mom as the type to “freak out”, I don’t think it is something I can change.  I will get over this seizure and get back to normal, probably in another week or so.  :)    I realize though that my “freak out” moments are a result of the unconditional love I have for my children.  I can’t imagine what I would do without either of them.  If that means my daughter get’s to talk about me freaking out on occasion, I am okay with that.

And now to check on my sleeping children.  I don’t hear any noises, but need that peace of mind that they are in fact okay.

The Notebook and other Motivators….

Well, the Frank’s Red Hot BBQ chicken was GREAT last night.  A little spicy, but even the kiddos liked it.  I do plan to try out the crockpot with this one, so I will share how that goes.  After a great dinner, I headed for the basement to workout.  I have been quickly moving through our movie collection so I have something to keep my entertained while I run.  This week’s pick is “The Notebook”.  Last night I had a great workout and I have Noah and Allie to thank. :)  I tend to be a romcom or romance movie type of person and this is one of the best.  I do find that I tend to keep running longer if I want to see a certain part of a movie or if I just want to finish one.  My problem now is that my movie supply is almost gone!  I do like listening to music while I run as well, but I just find a TV show or movie helps make the time go by so much faster.  Here’s to hoping I can dig up some movies to get me through the week.  I wish books weren’t so hard to read while running, I wonder if I would like listening to a book…Hhmmm, that may be worth a try.

What motivates you to keep going when working out?  Music, movies, people watching?